Is A Same Day Dental Implant Possible?

Is A Same Day Dental Implant Possible? Is it possible to get a dental implant in 1 day? Who is suitable, what is needed, does it hurt, what are the risks, price and cost?

How many days are needed to get a dental implant? For implants carried out using classical methods, a period between 3-6 months, or an average waiting time of 100-120 days, is required. Note; the information provided on this blog is for informational, not commercial purposes. Is A Same Day Dental Implant Possible? Yes, it is … Read more

Is Turkey Safe for Dental Implants?

Is Turkey safe and good for dental implants? Why it's so cheap? Advantages, cost, pros and cons...

Is Turkey a safe country for dental implants? Getting dental work or more specifically, dental implants, veneer, crowns or hollywood smile in Turkey is generally safe same as in western countries. Although the satisfaction rate is high, between 95-99%, it is still important to choose the right dental clinic or dentist. (I am a professional tour … Read more

Top Teeth Implant Services in Turkey

Latest technology all on 4 / 6 best teeth implant treatment in Turkey and Istanbul

DentSpa Dental Clinic; teeth implant services in Turkey This webpage has been created to introduce you DentSpa Dental Health Clinic, a provider of health tourism services in the field of dentistry located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. DentSpa is one of Turkey’s most prestigious dental clinics, boasting 20 years of experience and a team of … Read more

Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey

What is the price and cost of dental treatment in Istanbul, Turkey? implant, zirconium coating, straumann, nobel, best clinic, doctor, hollywood smile

Dental treatment prices in Turkey What is the cost of dental treatment in Turkey? Dental treatment prices in Turkey are up to 75% cheaper than in the UK, USA and West European countries. While the cost of a quality brand dental implant, including a dental crown, in these countries is 1200-4000 €, the same price … Read more

Cost of FUE and DHI Method Hair Transplant

price for fue sapphire, which one is more natural, painless and better

Cost of FUE and DHI method hair transplant (This web page has been prepared to promote Anatolia Hair Clinic, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. You can fill the following form to learn the exact cost for your hair transplant.) The treatment of hair transplant, which was first applied in the United … Read more