The Best Flamenco Show

The best Flamenco clubs we can suggest in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Granada cities of Spain are as follows:

Flamenco Show in Barcelona

  • Tablao de Carmen: Poble Espanyol, Barcelona. bears the name of Carmen Amayo, the most famous flamenco artist and it is one of the long-established Flamenco clubs of Barcelona. It is in Poble Espanyol by the Plaça de Espanya, a place of 150 people. The club has an authentic decor inspired by the historical Sevilla Fair. There is also food service in the club. An Andalucian drink sweet sherry or sangria is for free. The show duration is 1 hour. There are two more advantages of preferring this club: if you go after 16:00 you may enter “Poble Espanyol” for free and also make a little Spain trip. You may have the chance to watch the great “La Font Magica” show, next to it.. Click for reservation

best flamenco show in barcelona

  • Alternative flamenco clubs in Barcelona; for a good and budget flamenco show the best place is Palacio del Flamenco. Palacio del Flamenco is around half an hour walking distance from the center. If you like a more budget and centrally located (near Las Ramblas) you shoud try Los Tarantos.

Flamenco Show in Madrid

  • Torres Barmejas; in this classic “tablao” club at the walking distance of 5 minutes from Gran Via, the most popular street of Madrid, many world-famous people enjoyed the classic flamenco. Opened in 1960, this is the best and most classic flamenco club of Madrid. It is the place of legendary flamenco dancers such as Tomás de Madrid, La Chunga and Rosario. This place has a warm Andalucian atmosphere integrating with the audience. You may book including food or only beverage. Click for reservation.

best flamenco show in madrid

 Flamenco Show in Sevilla

  • Museo del Baile Flamenco; Sevilla is the city where the best dancers of Spain are trained. This Flamenco performance lasting 1 hour is one of the best in Sevilla. You can watch it in the yard (patio) of the Flamenco Dance Museum with a good sound scheme and a theatrical illumination. Click for reservation.

best flamenco show in sevilla

Flamenco Show in Granada

  • Cuevas Las Tarantos; Flamenco was born and developed in the Sacromonte Hill of Granada. If you want to have an original and authentic Flamenco experience in the environments of the gypsies living in the caves in the hill, Lo Tarantos Granada is the best address. This is the oldest and most famous zambra style / Flamenco club of Granada. In the cave from the 15th century, you can watch a unique 75 minutes of the show including food or beverages. Click for reservation.

best flamenco show in granada

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