Where to stay in Thassos Island?

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Where to stay in Thassos Island?

Where to stay in Thassos Island? Thasos (Θάσος), a Greek island located in the Thracian Sea and the northernmost part of the Aegean Sea, is renowned for its enchanting beauty and tranquil ambiance. Often referred to as Thassos, this mid-sized island spans an area of 380 km² and is home to approximately 14,000 residents.

From May to October, Thassos becomes a favored destination for vacationers from neighboring countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, and even Italy, drawn by its myriad attractions. The island’s popularity can be attributed to several factors: its easy accessibility from the mainland, the peacefulness it offers, its well-preserved natural beaches with turquoise blue waters, and the affordability of accommodations, food, and beverages. Additionally, the warm hospitality extended by the local population further enhances the appeal of Thasos (Θάσος), making it an idyllic escape for those seeking a blend of natural beauty, culture, and relaxation.

Thassos Adası'nın hangi bölgesinde, hangi otelde kalmalı, konaklama, otel tavsiyesi

Which side of Thassos Island should you stay?

There are many settlements, large and small, where you can stay on all four sides of this large island. According to the number of accommodation facilities, the most popular places are below;

  • Limenas (183 hotels and apart hotels)
  • Limenaria (165 hotels and apart hotels)
  • Potamia and Skala Potamias (13 and 141 hotels and apart hotels)
  • Potos (111 hotels and apart hotels)
  • Prinos ve Skala Prinou (101 hotels and apart hotels)
  • Panayia (18 hotels and apart hotels)
which part and village to stay in Thassos island
Where to stay in Thassos Island?

Where to stay in Thassos Island?

Best hotels, apart hotels and studios

  1. Kohylia by La Scala Beach *** | Limenas, 50 meters to beach, 2.7 km from the center, no kitchen, score 8,5, 60 €
  2. Villa Teresa Luxury Suites **** | Limenas, 25 meters to beach, 1.4 km from the center, kitchen +, score 9,4, 80 €
  3. Mironi & Victoria Hotel ** | Limenas, 750 meters to beach, 300 meters from the center, no kitchen, score 8.2, 25 €
  4. Iliomagic Luxury Suites Thassos | Limenas, 150 meters to beach, 1.2 km from the center, there is a kitchen, score 9.8, 45 €
  5. Hotel Aelia Villa | Limenas, 50 meters to beach, 1.1 km from the center, kitchen +, score 9.7, 65 €
  6. Hotel Anasa Thalassas | Limenaria, 300 meters to beach, 400 meters from the center, kitchen +, score 9.7
  7. Life’s Moments | Limenaria, 50 meters to beach, 50 meters from the center, no kitchen, score 9.6, 30 €
  8. Miramare Hotel *** | Skala Potamias, 250 meters to beach, 200 meters from the centre, no kitchen, score 9.3, 40 €
  9. Studios Vasilia | Skala Potamias, 1.7 km to beach, 2.2 km from the center, kitchen +, 22,5 €, score 9.5
  10. Komninos Rooms | Panagia, 4 km to beach, 150 meters from the center, no kitchen, score 9.2, 22,5 €
  11. Studios Apartments Irini Patira | Potos, 1.4 km to beach, 1.3 km from the center, kitchen +, score 9.4, 25 €
  12. Ipsario Garden Hotel | Skala Potamias, 1,5 km to beach, 2.1 km from the center, no kitchen, score 9,6, 55 €
  13. Lena Apartments | Potos, 200 meters to beach, 100 meters from the center, kitchen +,  score 9,6, 40 €
  14. Ioanna’s House | Potos, 100 meters to beach, 100 meters from the center, kitchen +, score 9,5, 35 €

* Prices are approximate and per person in a double room.


Below you can see introductory information about each settlement and the hotels we recommend.


Limenas region is the most touristic area of Thasos with 183 accommodation units.

thassos Limenas, adanın en güzel yeri, hangi otelde kalmalı
Center of Limenas (Thassos Port)

Is Limenas a nice place?

Limenas (Thasou / Port of Thassos) is the island’s largest settlement with a population of 3,300 people. If you take the ferry from Keramoti, this is the port you will arrive at. Accommodation options are plentiful here. You can also stay in the city. The fish restaurants lined up along the coast are enjoyable. Limenas is also ahead in terms of shopping, nightlife and health opportunities. Since it is a port, it has an extra mobility. If you arrive by car, you can visit different beaches and villages of the island every day by taking Limenas as the center. Limenas is surrounded by mountains, pine forests and olive groves. There are many beaches in and around the city; Limanaki Beach, Makryammos Beach, Nisteri Beach, Agios Vasileios Beach, Tarsanas Beach, Glyfada Beach, Papalimani BeachMarble Beach (Saliara Beach), which is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach of Thassos, is 6 km from Limenas. Another favorite beach, La Scala Beach, is 4 km from Limenas.

Best hotels, apart hotels and studios to stay in Limenas

  • Kohylia by La Scala Beach (see the hotel and prices) *** | Kohylia, which has one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Thassos, was established on a large area among olive groves. It is a unique holiday village on the island with its modern and minimalist decoration, balconies with sea view and spacious rooms. It is located 3 km from the centre.
  • Angelica Hotel (see the hotel and prices) ** | This hotel offers more comfort than the number of stars. It is 3 minutes walk from the beach. You can have your breakfast with the view of the port of Thasos. Most rooms have balconies, sea views, and all have refrigerators and free wifi. Restaurants, cafes and the archaeological museum are within a 5-minute walk.
  • Hotel Aelia Villa (see the hotel and prices) *** | Hotel Aelia Villa is one of the most convenient hotels to stay in Limenas. The reason why the satisfaction rate of the hotel is so high is that it is in a quiet area, at a walking distance to the center and only a 1-minute walk away to the city beach.
  • Vicky Hotel (see the hotel and prices) **; if you are looking for cleanliness, comfort, friendliness and the most economical price rather than luxury, Vicky Hotel is the place you are looking for. Moreover, both in the heart of the city and on a quiet street. You will not miss your favorite Turkish breakfast in this hotel.
  • Anthos Apartments (see the hotel and prices); if you want to stay both in the city center and in a quiet environment in green, check out this alternative. The most important advantage of Anthos is its 22 m2 studio rooms with kitchen, including a coffee machine, and it has affordable prices compared to other places.


Limenaria is the second most touristic settlement of Thasos with 165 accommodation facilities, hotels, apartments and guesthouses.

Taşoz Limenaria'da hotel, apart daire, konaklama
Limenaria’s center

Is Limenaria a beautiful town?

Limenaria is the second largest settlement (population 2,471) located in the south-west of Thassos. It is 38 km from Limenas, the center of the island. From Limenaria you can see the Holy Mount Athos rising on one of the 3 legs of the Halkidiki Peninsula. Since Limenaria has a milder climate compared to the north of the island, this place is more ideal for May and October. Limenaria is a place where you can eat at the fish restaurants by the sea. You will also find bars, shopping opportunities and everything you need on a holiday. In and around Limenarias there are many beautiful beaches with pebbles and sand. The most preferred is Stelakis Beach, which is a long and sandy beach. Metalia Beach is not a gorgeous one but has the advantage of being inside the city. Another beach in the city is the 2 km long beach on the west coast. Trypiti Beach and Pefkari Beach, considered among the most beautiful beaches of Thasos, are only 2.5 and 3 km from Limenaria. Another advantage of Limenaria is that it is only 3 km away from Potos Village, which stands out with its bars and nightlife. Also, the famous beach Psili Amos is 6 km from Limenaria.

Best hotels, apart hotels and studios  recommended in Limenaria

  • Anasa Thalassas Hotel (see the hotel and prices); located in the old town of Limenaria, this stylish hotel is a few minutes’ walk from Metalia Beach. It has rooms with free wifi, balcony, kitchenette, sea view and Mount Athos view.
  • Neorion Hotel (see the hotel and prices); if the number of stars and luxury is not what you are looking for, Neorion is the most economical and beautiful place in Limenarias in our opinion, and the 9.7 score it received from Booking.com is an indication of this. Rooms and flats vary between 27 m2 and 55 m2. This hotel stands out with its affordable price, its location in a beautiful building and in the center, its full-fledged cuisine, its proximity to the beaches, its cleanliness and its simple decoration that is pleasing to the eye. If you can find a place, don’t miss it.
  • Petra Natura (see the hotel and prices); Petro Natura, with its self-catering units in the form of studios or flats, is a quiet and restful place in the forest, as well as a short walking distance from the center of Limenaria. This is a new and modern facility and it also has a pool. For those who love the sea, Metalia Beach is just a few minutes’ walk away.
  • Studios Apartments Irini (see the hotel and prices); this immaculate and modern facility, which is tastefully furnished with soft colors, consists of fully self-catering apartments. The facility, which is surrounded by a large garden of 4000 m2, is located in Potos Village, 42 km from Limenas and 4 km from Limenaria, where the evenings are very lively.

Other beautiful places to stay on Thassos Island;


Potamia, with a population of 1,400, is a beautiful and quiet mountain village surrounded by greenery, located on the east of the island, 10 km from Limenas, at the foot of Mount Ipsario. Potamia’s port is Skala Potamias. There is a distance of 3 km between the two settlements. The beach in front of Skala Potamia is Chrisi Akti. Many families with children prefer this beach because it does not get deep right away. Skala Potamia is also preferred for the beauty of the sea and the variety of restaurants and taverns. There are also bars and a small amusement park for children. Those who want to relax can also find quiet places and corners. There are also doctors, pharmacies, rent a car and public transportation facilities. There are 141 touristic hotels, apartments and pensions in Skala Potamias and 13 in Potamia.

Skala Potamia'da en güzel en ucuz otel apart
Skala Potamia beach and hotels
Best hotels, apart hotels, studios and guesthouses in Potamia


Prinos is on the northwest coast of the island. Prinos is a mountain village surrounded by greenery with a population of 1,211 people. The coastal settlement of Prinos is Skala Prinou. Ferries departing from Kavala drop off their passengers here. There are many beautiful beaches, beach clubs, hotels and shopping opportunities in the immediate vicinity. Some of the nearby beaches are; Platana Beach, Aphrodite Beach and Arriba Beach. It is 17 km from Limenas and 23 km from Limenaria. Prices in this region are more economical than other regions.

Recommended hotels and apart hotels in Prinos


Potos, with a population of 815, is the most preferred holiday resort by young people due to its nightlife. This village in the south of the island is 40 km from Limenas and is actually the port settlement of Theologos Village. Some of the island’s most beautiful beaches are in the immediate vicinity of Potos. These include Agios Antonios, Rossogremos, Psili Ammos and the famous Pefkari Beach. Potos has 111 touristic hotels, aparthotels and guesthouses, most of which are beautiful and of high quality.

Taşoz Potos'ta en iyi otel hangisi
Hotels and apartments to stay in Potos
Best hotels and apartments in Potos


Panaiya, 8 km from Limenas, is a medium-sized mountain village with 725 inhabitants. There are 8-10 small churches in this beautiful village, which also became the capital of the island in the 1800s.

Hotels, apartments and villas in Panayia

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