How to get to Thassos Island?

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How to get to Thassos Island by car?

How to get to Thassos Island? Thasos Island has become the most popular Greek island in recent years, especially for those living in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia. The most important reason is you can be at your hotel in Tasos after a short time you leave home. Other advantages of Thassos are the crystal clear turquoise colour waters, natural beaches and affordable prices. Thassos Island, the northernmost island of Greece, is 440 km from Istanbul, 350 km from Sofia and 560 km from Bucharest by road. Where to take the ferries to go to Thassos Island? Please continue to read to find out.

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How to get to Thasos Island by car? Where to board the ferry?

Thasos Island is in the Western Thrace region of Greece and there are two different ports from which Thasos ferries depart;

  • From Keramoti (to Limenas); Keramoti is a small town 36 km’s south east of Kavala.
  • From Kavala (to Skala Prinos); Kavala is a mid size town 150 km’s east of Thessaloniki

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How long does it take to get to Thassos Island by car?

If you are coming to Thassos with your private vehicle, your travel duration will be as follows, apart from the breaks and waiting time at the ports.

  • Sofia – Keramoti; 4 hours 45 minutes
  • Sofia – Kavala; 5 hours 15 minutes
  • Istanbul – Keramoti; 5 hours 45 minutes
  • Istanbul – Kavala; 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Bucharest – Keramoti; 8 hours 30 minutes
  • Bucharest – Kavala; 9 hours 15 minutes

Where do you get the ferry to Thassos?

In Greece, there are two ports where the ferries depart for Thassos Island;

  1. From Keramoti port to Limenas
  2. From Kavala port to Skala Prinos


Keramoti is a small port town 40 km east of Kavala. Ferries from Keramoti go to Limenas port of Thasos and the distance is only 6 miles (30 minutes). Compared to the port of Kavala, Keramoti – Thasos ferries run more frequent and the ticket price is cheaper. You can take the ferries from Keramoti with your car. Ticket prices; Ferry fees for 2024 are €6,5 for adults one way, €20-25 for cars (depending on the size) and €4 for motorcycles. Ferry departure hours; in summer and winter, you can find frequent ferries throughout the day (approximately every half an hour). While the ferry services are organized between 07:00 and 18:00 in low season, the services spread over a time zone from 05:00 to 23:00 in summer months. Click for updated ticket information.

Ferry ticket prices

Ticket prices include VAT. Here are the prices:

  • Regular Passenger: Limenas-Keramoti: €2.00, Prinos-Kavala: €6.50
  • Children (5-10 years) – 50% discount: Limenas-Keramoti: €2.00, Prinos-Kavala: €4.00
  • Private car up to 4.25m: Limenas-Keramoti: €8.00, Prinos-Kavala: €20.00
  • Private car over 4.25m: Limenas-Keramoti: €10.00, Prinos-Kavala: €25.00
  • Bus/Caravan/Trailer (12m vehicle for Prinos-Kavala €50.00): Limenas-Keramoti: €2.00/m, Prinos-Kavala: €5.00/m
  • Bicycles: Limenas-Keramoti: €3.00, Prinos-Kavala: €4.00
  • Motorcycles up to 250cc: Limenas-Keramoti: €3.00, Prinos-Kavala: €6.00
  • Motorcycles over 250cc: Limenas-Keramoti: €4.00, Prinos-Kavala: €8.00
  • Quad bikes: Limenas-Keramoti: €10.00, Prinos-Kavala: €12.00
  • Truck/Agricultural machinery up to 5m: Limenas-Keramoti: €12.00, Prinos-Kavala: €28.00
  • Truck/Agricultural machinery over 5m: Limenas-Keramoti: €3.00/m, Prinos-Kavala: €7.00/m
  • Group: Limenas-Keramoti: €2.00, Prinos-Kavala: €4.00

Hotels and apart hotels recommended in Thassos

  1. Kohylia by La Scala Beach *** | Limenas, 50 meters to the beach, 2.7 km to the center, no kitchen, review score 8,5, 60 €
  2. Villa Teresa Luxury Suites **** | Limenas, 25 meters to the beach, 1.4 km to center, kitchen +, review score 9,4, 80 €
  3. Mironi & Victoria Hotel ** | Limenas, 750 meters to the beach, merkeze 300 meters to center, no kitchen, review score 8.2, 25 €
  4. Iliomagic Luxury Suites Thassos | Limenas, 150 meters to the beach, 1,2 km to center, kitchen +, review score 9.8, 45 €
  5. Hotel Aelia Villa | Limenas, 50 meters to the beach, 1,1 km to center, kitchen +, review score 9.7, 65 €
  6. Hotel Anasa Thalassas | Limenaria, 300 meters to the beach,  400 meters to center, kitchen +, review score 9.7
  7. Life’s Moments | Limenaria, 50 meters to the beach, 50 meters to center, no kitchen, review score 9.6, 30 €
  8. Miramare Hotel *** | Skala Potamias, 250 meters to the beach, 200 meters to center, no kitchen, review score 9.3, 40 €
  9. Studios Vasilia | Skala Potamias, 1,7 km’s to the beach, merkeze 2.2 km, kitchen +, 22,5 €, review score 9.5
  10. Komninos Rooms | Panagia, 4 km’s to the beach, 150 meters to center, no kitchen, review score 9.2, 22,5 €
  11. Studios Apartments Irini Patira | Potos, 1.4 km’s to the beach, 1.3 km to center, kitchen +, review score 9.4, 25 €
  12. Ipsario Garden Hotel | Skala Potamias, 1,5 km to the beach, 2.1 km to center, no kitchen, review score 9,6, 55 €
  13. Lena Apartments | Potos, 200 meters to the beach, 100 meters to center, kitchen +, review score 9.2, 40 €
  14. Ioanna’s House | Potos, 100 meters to the beach, 100 meters to center, kitchen +, review score 9,5, 35 €

* Prices are approximate and per person in a double room.

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A ferry from Keramoti to Limani

How to go to Keramoti and Kavala for Thassos?

  • To go to Keramoti from Istanbul; After passing through the Ipsala border gate, follow the Egnatia Highway, pass by near Komotini and Xanthi cities and drive to the south from the Keramoti sign for half an hour. Keramoti is a small settlement with several hotels, restaurants and cafes.
  • To get to Kavala or Keramoti from Sofia, the shortest way is passing through the Kulata border after following the A3 highway, then you can reach Keramoti by passing Serres and Kavala cities.
  • To go to Keramoti and Kavala from Bucuresti; the shortest way to get to Keramoti or Kavala by car from Romania is to enter Bulgaria from Giurgiu Ruse border and to go on to Stara Zagora, Haskovo and then to the south until Greek town Komothini. From Komothini follow Egnatia Odos Highway and then turn to south to Keramoti by taking the Kavala-Xsanthi road.

Hotel recommendation in Limenas; Kohylia Beach Hotel 

Tasos feribotu nereden kalkar?
Kohylia Beach Hotel

How to get to Thassos by bus from Istanbul?

It is possible to go to Keramoti by bus from Istanbul, although it is a bit of a hassle. From Istanbul Esenler Bus Terminal, take the bus to Greece and get off at Xanthi to go to Keramoti. From Xanthi, you have to take the buses to Keramoti. Meanwhile, some buses arrive in Xanthi at a very early hour.

Keramoti-Thassos ferry ticket office; +30 25910 51204


Kavala is the largest city in Northern Greece after Thessaloniki. Duration of ferry journey from Kavala to Skala Prinos is 1 hour and 15 minutes; 45 minutes longer compared to Keramoti. But if you are staying on the east side of Thasos (by the way, the distance between Skala Prinos and Keramoti is 16 km) and you want to visit Kavala, this option may appeal to you. In the meantime, the number of daily departures from Kavala to Thassos is less frequent than Keramoti and the ticket prices are a little higher. Ticket fees; Ticket prices for 2022 are 6 € per person. The price for private cars is between 19 € – 24 €, and 5 € for motorbikes. Ferry departure hours; You can see the actual departure hours and ticket prices here. There is also a hydrofoil service from Kavala twice a day.

Hotel recommendation in Prinos; Thasos Blue Apartments 

Kavala'dan Thasoss'a nasıl gidilir, Thassos feribotları nereden kalkar?
Thasos Blue Apartments / Skala Prinou

Ferry Companies to Thassos

There are two companies that transport passengers and vehicles to the island of Thasos.

  • Thassos Ferries
  • Aneth Ferries

Shopping facilities in Thassos

Thasos is not a luxury shopper’s paradise like Santorini or Mykonos. However, if you are interested in local and natural products, you can enjoy shopping in Thasos. The island’s delicious olive oil and natural olive oil soaps are among the products you can buy. There is also a delicious and natural honey production in the mountains of the island. There is also wine production in a few villages of the island. Although Thassos wines are not famous wines, it is still worth tasting, you may experience surprises. Apart from these local products, of course, we do not need to specify classical souvenirs such as magnets.

Places to see and visit in Kavala

Kavala is a medium-sized city on the scale of Greece. In Kavala, you can visit the house and tomb of Kavalalı Mehmet Ali Pasha who was the Ottoman-Albanian ruler of Kavala during 19th century, the Kavala Castle, Imarat, a beautiful Ottoman charity house, which is a 5-star hotel today and the Roman aqueducts…while in Kavala, don’t forget to relax at the cafe with panoramic view near the house of Mehmet Ali Pasha, visiting historical Ottoman houses and to buy the crunchy and extra delicious Kavala cookies.

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