Prices in Paris

Prices in Paris; food and drink, drink, flat to rent, cigarette, internet, beer, coffee hotel etc

Prices in Paris Prices in Paris; prices in Paris in general are approximately 6% cheaper than London. Additionally rental prices are 32%, lunch and dinner expences are 17% cheaper than in London. A person living in Paris needs at least 950 € per month excluding rent to lead a comfortable life. Prices are for 2022. … Read more

Private Tour Guides In Paris

private and professional English speaking guide in Paris, Giverny, Versailles and Louvre Museum

Private tour guides in Paris Private tour guides in Paris; if you would like to explore Paris, Louvre and Orsay museums, Palace of Versailles with a private and licensed English speaking tour guide, you can fill in the form below for details, advice and prices. In case of availability, our guide will respond to you … Read more

Secrets Of Louvre Museum

secrets of louvre museum; the most interesting artworks

Secrets Of Louvre Museum Louvre Museum; Address, 1er Arrondissement, Paris. Transportation; by subway line 1 and 7, Palais-Royal Musée du Louvre Station. Opening Days / Hours; it is open every day from 09:00 to 18:00, except Tuesdays, 01.01, 01.05, 25.12. Wednesdays and Fridays it’s open till 21:45. Fast entrance tickets to Louvre Museum Fast entrance tickets to … Read more

Famous Paintings in Louvre Museum

the mosts popular painting in louvre Museum; Mona Lisam

Famous Paintings and sculptures in Louvre Museum Among the thousands of paintings, artpieces and sculptures it is very hard to distinguish the most important paintings and masterpieces in Louvre Museum. In the below list you will find the most famous paintings that we gathered together and also some other masterpieces from different categories. It is … Read more

Lesser Known Attractions In Paris

père lachaise cemetery paris

Paris is worth to spend your valuale time in terms of non tourist attractions as well. Beyond the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, the French capital hides more stories and landscapes to discover. If this is your second or third visit to Paris, this page is just to remind you that you have many interesting … Read more

Paris Metro

paris metro information

Basic Information; The price of the tickets in Paris Metro varies according to the type of pass; “single, daily, weekly or monthly”. Single ticket is called “Ticket t+” and you save around 20% if you buy “carnet (10 pass of Ticket t+)”. The other pass cards are weekly and mountly bases and saves you more money.  … Read more

Montparnasse Tower Tickets

montparnasse tower tickets

Montparnasse Tower is the highest building in Paris. From the top of the Montparnasse Tower you can enjoy and photograph the breathtaking views over the whole city. In just 38 seconds you can find yourself at a height of almost 200 meters from the ground level by taking the fastest lift in Europe..and in seconds the … Read more

Disneyland Paris

eurodisney, disneyland paris

Disneyland (Euro Disney) Paris is the only and most popular entertaintmant park in Europe. Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios are located between the entrances of these two parks and the hotel zone. In this area there are restaurants, shops, cinema, game rooms and many more entertainment facilities. The complex is open from early in the morning … Read more

How To Get To Disneyland From Paris

disnyland paris transportation

Disneyland Paris is the only original Euro Disney Entertaintment Complex in Europe. To get to Disneyland from Paris could be a little struggling since its not located in Paris. Disneyland is in Marne-la-Vallee Chessy, a small town approximately 45 minutes away from the center of Paris. You can quickly get there by car, but the best options … Read more

How To Buy Disneyland Paris Tickets Online?

disneyland paris tickets

Disneyland Paris Tickets; the famous Disneyland Paris (Eurodisney) is the biggest entertaintment park in Europe. Disneyland Paris is located in the town of Marne la Vallee which is 32 km’s south of Paris city center. This huge theme park is founded on 19 km2 of land which also includes many cinemas, restaurants, hotels, golf course … Read more