Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland (Euro Disney) Paris is the only and most popular entertaintmant park in Europe. Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios are located between the entrances of these two parks and the hotel zone. In this area there are restaurants, shops, cinema, game rooms and many more entertainment facilities. The complex is open from early in the morning till late at night and every day of the year.

It is important to note that you can enter Disney Village even if you do not have an entrance ticket to the parks; in order to enter the village you just need to go through the security check.

disneyland by night, eurodisney castle
Disney Castle By Night

Recommended Hotels

There are a few inside and many hotels and apartments surroundings of Disneyland Paris.

Entertainment In Disneyland Paris

For entertainment there is a cinema complex with fifteen saloons and an IMAX at Cinémas Gaumont, a games room called Disney Stadium (works with coins) and the Billy Bob Concert Hall, a huge bar with live music and a different agenda every day of the year.

If weather permitting you can hop on to the PanoraMagique, a helium balloon from which you can enjoy incredible views of the parks and surrounding areas. The ride lasts six minutes and the ticket cost € 12 (minors between 3 and 11 years pay € 6 and children under 3 years do not pay).

Restaurants In Disneyland Paris

Within the parks there are several restaurants and cafes, but if you want to to have more options, you can also consider the eateries located in the Disney Village, especially if you are on a limited budget (like Earl of Sandwich and McDonald’s). In Disney Village you also find a couple of famous chains like Planet Hollywood and Rainforest Cafe, that have many fans. Both restaurants have an ideal menu for families which is around € 15 per child and € 30 per adult.

Where to eat in Disneyland Paris
Planet Hollywood Restaurant

This is where the popular Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show is located, where you can eat a Texan menu while you enjoy a west-inspired show with Mickey and his friends as protagonists. You can buy your Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show tickets here.

Other restaurants in the Disney Village:

  • The Steakhouse – Roasted meat (Average price 37 € per person)
  • Mickey Coffee – Meals with Disney characters (€ 30 per person – booking is recommended)
  • King Ludwig’s Castle – Food and imported beers (average price 35 € per person)
  • Annette’s Diner – Beautiful retro-inspired American restaurant (average price 30 € per person)
  • Starbucks Coffee – Coffee, tea, snacks and snacks

Shopping In Disneyland Paris

In the souvenir shops you will find great shops with Disney products, a hilarious Lego store and several craft stalls and seasonal products.

Disneyland Paris Shopping
Shopping In Disney Paris

Shops In Disney Village

  • Disney Fashion – Clothing and Accessories Disney
  • Disney Store – Toys, clothing, toy animals and accessories
  • The Disney Gallery – Art, posters and “limited edition” items
  • World of Disney – One of the Largest Places to Buy Toys and Souvenirs
  • World of Toys – Toys, Costumes & Accessories
  • The LEGO® Store – Paradise for Lego fans (you can buy for 8 € a container full of pieces of your choice)

In addition, many of the restaurants also have a shop where they sell their own souvenirs.

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