Paris Metro Tickets

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Paris Metro Tickets, 2024

Paris metro ticket prices vary according to ticket types; there are“single ticket, daily, weekly or monthly unlimited” tickets and discount pass cards. The price for a single Paris Metro ticket, known as a T+ ticket, is 2.10€ (January 2024). This ticket allows travel within zones 1-3 on the Metro, as well as on buses, trams, RER trains within Paris, and the Montmartre funicular for the next 120 minutes after validation. You can also purchase a ‘carnet’, which is a pack of 10 paper tickets, for 19.10€, or 17.30€ if you put it on a Navigo Easy card​. (8.65 € for 4-10 years old). See the tickets below to enter Eiffel and Louvre fastly;


Avoid waiting in line for hours by purchasing your ticket online + guarantee your entry for peak periods

The closest metro station to the Eiffel Tower is Champ de Mars/Tour Eiffel.
Waiting times at the Louvre Museum and Eiffel ticket offices can reach up to 3 hours

Click here;

Additionally, there is a price of 1.69€ per ride within Paris with a cap of not exceeding 8.45€ per day under the Liberté+ pass, which is a pay-as-you-go plan with payment at the beginning of the following month​. These prices are consistent with the beginning of 2023, and no updates indicating a change for October 2023 were found.

Metro districts in Paris

In terms of transportation, the city of Paris is divided into zones 1-6 according to distance from the center. Metro and train ticket prices vary according to these zones. Zone 1 is the most central point of the city, while Zone 6 is the most remote. In the diagram below, the part in yellow indicates zones 1, 2 and 3. Many of Paris’ tourist attractions are in this yellow zone: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum, Notre Dame, Montparnasse, the Champs Elysees, the Arc de TriompheDisneyland, the Palace of Versailles, Orly and Charles de Gaulle Airports are in zones 4-5.


metro paris, ticket prices by zone
The city of Paris is divided into 5 zones for transportation

Ticket types, prices, advantages

The public transportation system in Paris may seem a bit complicated. But the system offers many different options for different zones, different travel times, different budgets and different types of users. You can choose the most suitable ticket for you from the following ticket types;

paris metro ticket price, advantageous and economical monthly pass card prices
Paris metro ticket

Which metro ticket is the most economical and advantageous?

1 –t+ Tickets

One-way, single-use ticket. Valid on metro, train (RER), bus (except Orlybus and Rossybus), tram and funicular. Within the same type of vehicle line, you can make a second transfer within 90 minutes.

  • Ticket price; 2.10 €  (2.50 € if you buy the ticket in the vehicle or via sms).

2- Inter-zone tickets (Île-de-France “point-to-point” tickets)

The 5 zones of Paris are called “Île-de-France”. With this ticket you can travel between different zones, but there is no fixed fare, it depends on the distance you travel. You can buy your ticket from the machines at the metro station by selecting the station you are going to. If you buy a 10% ticket “carnet 10 billets” you can travel at a discount of up to 10%. In addition, children between the ages of 4-10, large families with blue discount card, groups over 10 people under the age of 16 traveling with their teachers can purchase this ticket with 50% discount.

3- Mobilis

This ticket gives you unlimited one-day travel in a zone of your choice. Valid for 24 hours from 12:00 to 12:00 on all public transportation.

  • Zones and prices; 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5; 8,45 € | 1-3, 2-4, 3-5; 11:30 € | 1-4, 2-5; 14 € | 1-5; 20,10 €.

4- Navigo weekly or monthly pass card

For one week, unlimited travel on the metro, buses and trains in Île-de-France, except “Orlyval”… Option of 2 zones or all zones . To travel outside the two zones you have chosen, simply pay the difference in price.

  • Zones and weekly and monthly prices (first price for weekly, second price for monthly);
    2 zones; 2-3; 27.45 € – 76.70 € | 3-4; 26.60 € – 74.70 € | 4-5; 26.10 – 72.90 € | All zones; 30 € – 84.10 €.

5- “Paris Visite” metro pass card

You can buy this card for 1,2,3,4 or 5 days. Valid in all zones and on all public transport, including SNCF Transilien, Orlyval and airport connections. With this card you can also visit Disneyland and the Palace of Versailles. For ages 4-11 the card is discounted and also gives discounts at some museums. You can buy them at tourist information offices, airports, ticket offices at metro and train stations.

  • Prices for 1,2,3 zones; 1 day; 13,55 € | 2 days; 22,05 € | 3 days; 30,10 € | 5 days; 43,30 €.
  • Prices for all zones, for all of Paris; 1 day; 28,50 € | 2 days; 43,30 € | 3 days; 60,70 € | 5 days; 74,30 €.

6- Navigo Liberte +

To take advantage of this economic alternative, you will need a personalized “navigo-pass” card with a photo. Navigo Liberté + is a service that allows you to travel freely and unlimitedly with your “Navigo pass” card for every trip. In this system, you make your payment the following month. You do not have to pay for the month you do not use the card. You can cancel the contract at any time free of charge. This card is valid in “Zone1” for the metro and RER, on municipal buses, Orlybus, Roissybus, trams (except 11 and T4) and the Montmarte funicular.

  • Ticket prices; €1.69 per trip (cannot exceed €8.45 per day).
paris metro ticket fare
Montmarte funicular

Discounted ticket types and prices

  • Student travel card “Imagine R”; unlimited travel within Île-de-France for students under 26 years of age. Annual subscription fee; 350 €.
  • Navigo Jeunes Week-end; these cards are valid on weekends (Saturday, Sunday) or national holidays and for under 26s. Zones and prices; 1-3; 4,60 € | 1-5; 10,10 € | 3-5; 5,90 €

Other metro, bus and train tickets

Sms ticket in the vehicle; if you are traveling by bus, if you do not have a ticket and you have a local phone line, you can get your ticket by sms immediately by sending sms.Bus” + bus number
without spaces in between and send it to 93100. Then show the driver the ticket you received on your cell phone.

  • Ticket price: 2,5 €.

Where can I buy tickets and pass cards?

  • Machines at metro, RER (train) and tram stops
  • At toll booths at metro, RER (train) and tram stops (may not be available at all stations)
  • From the contracted

Can I buy tickets and pass cards with a credit card?

Yes, credit cards are accepted at the ticket vending machines.

which metro card has the best discount?
Navigo discount transportation card

Paris metro opening and closing hours

  • Open every day of the year including holidays
  • The Paris metro is open on weekdays from 05:30 to 01:15.
  • On Fridays, Saturdays and on the eve of public holidays, the metro runs until 02:15 on average.
  • Trains (RER) run daily from 05:30 am to 01:20 at night.

Paris metro and RER train opening and closing times

Paris Metro map

You can examine the connections by enlarging the metro plan below…

paris metro and RER map and plan
Paris metro map

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