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Topkapi Palace Entrance Tickets, 2024

Topkapi Palace entrance tickets; located in a 700,000 square meter complex, Topkapi Palace is one of the largest museum-palaces in the world. Entrance tickets to the Topkapi Palace are available at the ticket kiosks situated in the first courtyard. Yet, particularly in the high season, queues for tickets can stretch beyond the courtyard, with wait times possibly surpassing an hour. To bypass these long waits, consider opting for a guided tour here.

Topkapı Sarayı'na hızlı giriş bileti
Ticket queue in Topkapi Palace

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Toopkapı Sarayı ve Harem Dairesi giriş bileti

Where to buy Topkapi Palace tickets?

Entrance tickets to the museum are sold at the ticket office in the first courtyard of the palace. You will see the ticket office on the right hand side when you enter the courtyard. There is usually a long ticket line at this box office, especially during high season. If you have bought your tickets from here before your visit, you can enter the palace by walking straight through the door of the second courtyard.

Topkapı Sarayı için bilet nereden alınır?

How much is the ticket for Topkapi Palace?

There are several different types of tickets for Topkapi Palace; For the Topkapı Palace Museum (main part of the palace), for the Harem section and for the Hagia Irene Church in the first courtyard. Ticket prices are determined in Turkish Lira. Due to the relatively high inflation and fluctuating exchange rates in Turkey prices may change frequently. As of January 2024, ticket types and prices are as follows;

Topkapı Sarayı'na giriş bileti ücreti ve fiyatları

Tickets for Topkapi Palace Museum; discount tickets (2024)

Below are the entrance fees for foreign students aged 12-25, holding a student card (ISIC);

  • Combined ticket; Topkapi Palace + Harem Section + Hagia Irene Church; 75 TRY
  • Harem; 50 TRY
  • Hagia Irene; 40 TRY

Free entrance; free of charge for any nationality under 12 years old

Topkapı Sarayına indirimli giriş bileti

What is the opening hours for Topkapi Palace?

Opening hours and closed days (2024)

Topkapi Palace is open between 09:00 – 18:00 hours all year round. The palace is closed on Tuesdays. The last hour to enter the museum is at 17:00.

Closed days; 01.01, 10.04, 16.06, and tuesdays

Any discount for groups in Topkapi Museum?

Are you a big or small group who is planning a visit to Topkapi Palace and wonder if there is any discount for groups? Unfortunately there is no any discount for groups in Topkapi Palace. But you can take advantage of entering fastly, skipping the long ticket lines by buying your “group tickets here.

How to go to Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is located in Sultanahmet district of Istanbul. You can get to Sultanahmet by taking tram or metro.

  • By tram; take the tram line T1 (Bağcılar-Kabataş) and get off in Sultanahmet station. You can arrive to the palace by walking around 5-10 minutes from the tram station.
  • By metro; take the Marmaray metro line (Gebze-Halkalı) and get off at Sirkeci station. Follow the Cagaloğlu exit in the metro station and walk around 10 minutes to Topkapi Palace through the gate of Gülhane Park which is shorter cut.

General Information

Topkapi Palace (Saray-ı Cedid-i Âmire in Ottoman, or New Palace in modern Turkish) was built by Mehmed the Conquer (Mehmed II) in 1478. With new additions in each period, the Ottoman Empire was ruled by 31 sultans from this palace for 380 years. The most extensive renovations and additions were made after the earthquake in 1509 and the fire in 1665. The palace consists of four courtyards and many buildings, none of which is very large. This palace, where 4000 people lived at the same time, was also the official residence of the Ottoman sultans. The Harem section, which is the private living space of the Sultan and his family, consists of 400 rooms. In addition, Enderun, the most important educational institution of the Ottoman Empire, was also located inside the palace. Covering an area of 700,000 m² with its garden, the palace has an area of 80,000 m² today.

Topkapı Sarayı giriş bileti

Places to see in Topkapi Palace

If you are making your visit to the palace with a guide and you want to visit the Harem section, it is recommended to spare at least two hours for this tour. This tour can only be done on foot, but it is also possible to visit many parts of the museum with a wheelchair.

Some of the sections that we recommend to be seen in the palace are as follows; Gate of Babüssaade, Audience Hall (Arz Odası),  Chamber of Imperial Council (Kubbealtı Room), Revan Kiosk, Baghdad Kiosk, Tiled Kiosk (belongs to the Archaeological Museum), Sacred Relics Department, Treasury Department, Palace Kitchens, Harem section, Seferli Ward and Imperial Dress Gallery, Mecidiye Mansion, Turkish Coffee section, Chinese porcelain section etc.

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