Istanbul Food Tour

Istanbul Food Tour

Istanbul food tour; would you like to go beyond visiting museums on your Istanbul trip and get to know the real Turkish culture and people’s daily life more closely? Joining one of my food tours is one of the ways to experience this. Although not well known, Turkish cuisine is one of the richest in the world. On this page I will offer you two versions of my own gastronomy tours. I am a professional / official tour guide and also an experienced chief.  In the both versions of my tours you will also get to know the history and culture of Istanbul / Turkey along with some nice districts of the Asian side. For your information, the narration on the tours will be in a clear English so that everyone can easily understand.

İstanbul'da yeme içme turları
Tour guide; Yusuf Sipahi

Best food tours in Istanbul

You can choose one of the following two versions of the food and drink tours that suits you best;

Food Tour 1 “classic”, from Europe to Asia (5 hours, 10 stops)

  • Meeting; 10:30 at the entrance of Spice Bazaar
  • Includes; different kinds of traditional Turkish food and drinks in 10 stops, return ferry tickets
  • Excluded; any alcoholic beverage
  • Price and way of payment; 90 €, cash by hand before or after the tour.
  • Contact; please text me on whatsapp in English at +905335508835

istanbul'da yeme içme turu

Points of interests in this tour

  • As we cross from the European side to Asian side, you will experience one of the most enjoyable ferry rides in the world, admire the panorama of the city and learn interesting facts about its history. Of course, we will not forget to throw a “simit” to the seagulls, which is a classic of Istanbul.
  • We will also explore the streets of the most popular district on the Asian side where is away from the pack of tourists and popular by the locals.
  • You will taste many kinds of flavours from street food to sophisticated ones or modern flavours to 4000 years old ancient recipes.
  • On this tour, you will also learn about the history and culture of Istanbul and have the chance to visit the famous Ottoman architect Sinan‘s mosque with its famous Iznik tiles, the New Mosque and the famous Spice Bazaar.

istanbul'da gastronomi turları

Food Tour 2 “alternative”, Asian side, gastronomy, cooking, stray cats and Turkish music (5 hours)

  • Meeting; 11:00 at Küçükyalı Metro Station
  • Includes; various kinds of traditional Turkish food and drinks
  • Price and way of payment; 90 €, cash by hand before or after the tour.
  • Maximum number of attandents; 6 (please ask for more people)
  • Contact; please text me on whatsapp in English at +905335508835

istanbulda asya yakasında en iyi yeme içme turları

Istanbul food tour; points of interest

  • You will walk through the neighbourhoods of Istanbul where middle and upper-middle class Turkish families live.
  • You can play with the famous stray cats of Istanbul and feed them (optional).
  • You will practically learn how to cook home style traditional Turkish cuisine.
  • You may also participate in the preparation and cooking process.
  • You will be able to taste various kinds of Turkish food in their most original form in a family house.
  • You will be able to taste the original Turkish baklava prepared only at homes during feasts.
  • While having our lunch, you will learn about the rich forms of Turkish music and listen enjoyable examples.
  • You will practically learn the hints how to cook the best authentic Turkish coffee and tea.
  • You may also experience the traditional Turkish coffee fortune telling.
  • If you wish, at the end of the tour you can buy the best quality local products at the best prices from non touristic local markets (local cheese, nuts, ham, dried fruit, spices, etc.).
  • If you wish, at the end of the tour, you may prefer to visit one of the nicest shopping malls of Istanbul.

kadıköy yeme içme turları

Istanbul food tour; the program step by step

  • 1 | After meeting at Küçükyalı metro station, we will follow a comfortable walking route of about 20 minutes. On this route, you will pass through neighborhoods where middle class families live, and you will be able to see places used by the local people of the region such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, family health centers, mosques and markets, and if you wish, you will be able to enter the ones that are open to the public.

Türk mutfağı yemek turları

  • 2 | We will stop at a neighborhood park that is also a favorite of stray cats. This green park is a cat paradise. Many friendly stray cats are fed and cared here by the locals. Istanbul is famous as the city where stray animals are best protected in the world.

istanbul'da sokak kedisi turları

  • 3 | We will spend the next 3 hours in a private house. Here you will get to know interesting aspects of traditional Turkish cuisine and its ingredients, and learn how some of the most popular home style dishes of Turkish cuisine are prepared and cooked. In the meantime you can ask anything you wonder regarding Turkey, Turkish culture and history to your tour guide during lunch. Then you will learn how to make the best Turkish coffee and brew best Turkish tea in practice. In Turkish culture, a cup of coffee has a 40-years of memory. Along with your coffee you will be able to taste a special type of baklava that is only made in homes during feasts. If you wish your guide may read your Turkish coffee fortune which is very popular and traditional in Turkey. Finally, you will be briefly informed about the history and characteristics of Turkish music, one of the richest in the world. We will finish this part of the tour by listening some nice samples of different genres of Turkish music.

türk yemekleri turu

yabancılar için türk müziği turu

  • 4 | After the food and music experience, we will walk around 20 minutes through the streets of happy stray cats and arrive to Marmaray metro station. By the way, if you wish, you can shop for quality local products at affordable prices in local non-touristy markets. While traveling on the Marmaray subway, you will be able to see some of the richest neighborhoods of Istanbul and experience crossing from Asian continent to Europe under the sea.


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