Istanbul Food Tour

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Istanbul Food Tour

Istanbul food tour; would you like to elevate your visit to Istanbul by diving deep into the genuine Turkish culture and experiencing the daily lives of its locals? Consider taking part in one of my culinary tours. Turkish cuisine, with its richness and diversity, often goes unnoticed on the global stage. On this page, you will discover a distinctive version of my food tours. As both a professional and officially licensed tour guide and a skilled chef, I offer a unique insight into these tours. You will not only savor the flavors of Turkey but also delve into its history and culture, including visits to some enchanting neighborhoods from European side to Asian side of Istanbul. You can rest easy knowing the tours are delivered in clear, easy-to-understand English, guaranteeing a comfortable and enlightening experience for all.

İstanbul'da yeme içme turları
Tour guide; Yusuf Sipahi

Best food tour in Istanbul; European to Asian side

Food tour 1 “classic“, from Europe to Asia (5 hours, 10 stops)

  • Meeting; 10:30 at the entrance of Spice Bazaar
  • Includes; different kinds of traditional Turkish food and drinks in 10 stops, return ferry tickets
  • Excluded; any alcoholic beverage
  • Price and way of payment; 90 €, cash by hand before or after the tour.
  • Contact; please text me on whatsapp in English at +905335508835

istanbul'da yeme içme turu

Points of interests in this tour

  • In the first part of our tour, we will visit the famous Spice Bazaar and explore the streets where Istanbul’s oldest and traditional food and drink markets are located. During our walk, you can buy freshly ground Turkish coffee from Turkey’s oldest coffee shop. You can also see and taste or buy some of the traditional ingredients used in Turkish cuisine, coming from all over Anatolia. If you wish, we can also visit a nearby mosque that houses the most magnificent examples of tiles from the Ottoman Empire period during our walk.
  • On the second part of our tour you will experience one of the most enjoyable ferry rides in the world while passing from European continent to Asian. During this 20-minute journey, you will have the opportunity to admire the city’s renowned panorama and discover intriguing aspects of its history. Naturally, we’ll also enjoy sipping Turkish tea or salep, and we’ll have the chance to feed the seagulls by tossing them simit.
  • We will also venture through the streets of the most popular district on the Asian side, which is less frequented by tourists and favored by locals
  • You will experience a wide range of flavors, from authentic Turkish cuisine and popular street food to ancient recipes that are over 4000 years old.
  • During this tour, you’ll gain insights into various aspects of Turkish culture, including the history of traditional Turkish delicacies, social life, the raki-meze tradition, and the art of brewing the best Turkish tea and making the finest Turkish coffee. At the tour’s conclusion, if you’re interested in purchasing local products like premium Turkish tea, coffee, chocolate, delight, cheese, olives, and olive oil to take back home, we can go shopping together at a supermarket.
  • At the end of our tour, I will escort you to the ferry pier, where you can catch a ferry back to the European side where we initially met. Alternatively, if you prefer not to return by ferry, you have the option to take a taxi back to your hotel. For your return journey, if you opt for the Bosphorus Bridge, you’ll experience the transition from Asia to Europe over the bridge and you will enjoy the magnificent Bosphorus view from above. Alternatively, if you choose the Avrasya Tunnel, you’ll pass beneath the sea.

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