Private Tour Guide In Istanbul

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Private Tour Guide In Istanbul

Private tour guide in Istanbul; embark on an unforgettable journey through Istanbul with a licensed and professional English-speaking private tour guide. For more information, personalized suggestions, and pricing details, please fill out the form below. If you’re uncertain about how to plan your Istanbul adventure, consider our curated list of recommended itineraries below. We’re also ready to craft a customized itinerary tailored to your specific interests and schedule. Let’s make your visit to Istanbul truly remarkable!

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PS; please note that this blog page does not offer any travel agency services and solely provides recommendations for certified tour guides. The following tours are merely provided as examples to give you an idea.

Recommended tours and itineraries accompanied by a private guide

  1. Essential historical sights + Grand Bazaar (full day)
  2. Bosphorus boat tour and baroque palaces (full day)
  3. Pera and Galata walking tour (full day)
  4. Asian side of Istanbul “Uskudar and Karaköy” (full day)
  5. Two continens in one day (full day)
  6. Golden Horn and Chora Church (full day)
  7. Any daily tours customized according to your interests

Recommended Tours in Istanbul

1 – DAY 1,  Old Town Tour, Essential Sights Of Istanbul (8 hours)

özel rehberle ayasofya topkapı sarayı

This tour is the most sought-after and fundamental experience you can have in Istanbul. It offers a comprehensive exploration into the rich tapestry of Istanbul’s history, covering its transformation from Constantinople during the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman eras.

The journey begins with visits to iconic landmarks such as the Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Sultan Tombs, and the Hippodrome. Following a delightful lunch at a traditional restaurant, the tour continues to the Basilica Cistern, immersing you in the enchanting ambiance of the historic Grand Bazaar. Known for centuries as the world’s largest covered market, the Grand Bazaar offers a unique shopping experience at your leisure. Please note, the Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays, but you can visit the Spice Bazaar instead. Also, be aware that the Topkapı Palace is not open on Tuesdays. Private tour guide in Istanbul; this tour can be realized on foot, by private car + walking, taxi + walking, or tram + walking.

2- DAY 2, Boat Tour in Bosphorus And Ottoman Baroque Palaces (8 hours)

özel rehberle boğaz turu

Since the Bosphorus is the most beautiful part of Istanbul, this tour is one of the essential tours to join as well. This tour will be realized with a shared boat and along with a private tour guide. The boat will go until the second bridge and at the both sides of the Bosphorus, you will see the most expensive and historical waterside mansions which the richest families of Turkey lives.  During the tour if you like you can give a break in some of the most beautiful spots of the Bosphorus to spend one or two hours, to have a lunch, drink somethings and enjoy the view. During the tour you can also visit one of the three magnificent palaces of Ottoman Empire; Dolmabahçe Palace, Beylerbeyi summer palace or the tiny Küçüksu Pavilion. All three of these palaces are closed on Mondays. Private tour guide in Istanbul; this tour can be realized on foot, by private car + walking, taxi + walking or tram + walking.

3- DAY 3, Golden Horn And Chora Mosque (8 hours)

özel tur rehberi ile Haliç ve Kariye Müzesi

If you are willing to learn more regarding the fascinating history of Istanbul, this tour may be your second tour. In this tour you will discover the historical and bohemian districts such as Fener, Balat, Ayvansaray and Eyüp which are lined up on the Golden Horn. These quarters has many interesting places, especially from Byzantine and Ottoman history. The region, where every street and even every building has a story to tell, is an attractive route for those who like to take pictures as well. Some of the places you can see during this tour are the Iron Church, Greek Patriarchate, Church of the Virgin of the Mongols, the streets where some of the Turkish serials was shot, Ahrida Synagogue, Agora Tavern, Red Greek High School, Tekfur Palace, Byzantium city walls and the fascinating Chora Church for the ones  interested in Christian Byzantine Art. Private tour guide in Istanbul; this tour can be realized by private car + walking or taxi + walking.

4- DAY 4, Two Continents In a Day, From Europe to Asia (8 hours)

On this tour, you will discover some of the most trendy quarters since the 18th century and still today they are. Our tour will start with the bohemian streets of Cihangir and Çukurcuma and continue with İstiklal Street, Pera and Galata regions in the European side. During this walk, you will see antique shops, cafes, design boutiques, the Flower Passage, San Antuan Church, the famous Pera Palas Hotel of Orient Express and the room of Atatürk. Then, you can go up to Galata Tower, which was built by the Genoese and photograph Istanbul from the most magnificent location. We will walk down to the sea side from here. Then, we will make a short boat trip with magnifecent views and arrive to Kadiköy, one of the most popular centers in the Asian Side. Here, we may take the traditional tram to visit Bahariye and Moda districts of Kadiköy and enjoy the colorful streets full of young people. Here if you like we can also visit the traditional food market and taste many interesting ingredients used in Turkish cuisine. Our tour will end in Kadıköy. Private tour guide in Istanbul; this tour will be done with an official and certified tour guide on foot + by ferry.

Private Tour Guide In Istanbul

5- More recommended tours in Istanbul

  • Two Sides of the Bosphorus (8 hours) –This tour will be realized along with a private vehicle, not with a boat. During the tour you can cross one of the bridges on the Bosphorus between Europe to Asia continents. During the tour, you can have a break in some of the most beautiful spots like Ortaköy, Bebek, Emirgan, Kandilli, Beylerbeyi, Kuzguncuk etc. If you like you can also visit some of the museums and palaces like Maritime Museum, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Küçüksu Kasrı or Beylebeyi Palace. You can also drive up to Çamlica Hill for the best panoramic view of Istanbul. The last stop will be Üsküdar district where you can see some of the beautiful mosques from Ottoman period and visit Maiden Tower. You will arrive to your hotel after crossing Marmaray Tunnel, under Marmara Sea.
  • Gastronomy Tour And Traditional Tastes – Discover the real Turkish cuisine. Your private guide will bring you to the hidden and non tourstic spots to discover the best traditional tastes where the local people eat.

kokartlı özel rehber ile pera beyoğlu kadıköy turu

  • Bosphorus Tour with Private Boat (2, 4 or 8 hours) 
  • Full Day Tour For Princess Islands
  • Daily Tour To Bursa From Istanbul (with a private vehicle and tour guide)
  • Daily Tour To Edirne From Istanbul (with a private vehicle and tour guide)
  • Daily Tour To Cappadocia From Istanbul (with a domestic flight + private vehicle and tour guide)
  • Daily Tour To Ephesus From Istanbul (with a domestic flight + private vehicle and tour guide)


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