Marmara Island

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Marmara Island

Marmara Island; Marmara Island (anciently known as Prokonnesos) is one of the biggest islands of Turkey and only 2.5 hours away from Istanbul by sea buses. Despite of being so close to Istanbul, the island is still out of the mass tourism and able to protect it’s tranquility and wild nature. If you like to escape from Istanbul for a weekend you will have opportunity to see the traditional islander life in Turkey, swim in clean waters and beaches, taste the famous fresh fish of the island and see the richest flora of Turkey in this size of land.

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Marmara Island has a land size around 117 km2, 6000 permanent population, one central town (Marmara), five villages. Distance between the villages varies from 10 to 40 minutes by car. Local transportation is not exist between the villages and there is no rent a car facility in the island.

profesyonel rehber ile marmara adası turları
Central town “Marmara” and Aba Beach

What Is Interesting In Marmara Island

  • Close enough to Istanbul to escape for a weekend
  • Modest, simple, economic and out of mass tourism
  • Cleanest swimming waters in Marmara Sea
  • Nearest Mediterranean climate and athmosphere to Istanbul
  • Inhabited since 4000 BC
  • Unique floral diversity in such a small piece of land
  • Two climates in one island
  • The most ancient and famous marble quarries of the world, the name “marble” comes from Marmara
  • Birthplace of Aristeas, famous ancient poet
  • Second biggest island of Turkey
  • Home of the best scented sage tea in Turkey
  • Low humidity and more breezes in the summer
  • 5 villages and each village has a different local culture
  • Variety of nice and clean hotels
  • Quality olives and olive oil
  • Delicious sea food
  • Friendly locals
places to see in marmara island
Old Greek School

Marmara Island Tour Itinaries

In the island there is only one professional local guide and he can organize private tours according to your interest. Here are some of the sample tour programs in the following;

  • Marmara Island Tour 1 – Culture And History of Marmara Island; in this tour we will drive through the mountains and costs, visit the villages, two museums, one church, one sculpture park, traditional houses, fountains and other buildings, you will learn regarding the rich history, topography, geography, flora, fauna, traditions and daily life of the island.
Marmara Adası'nda özel turlar
Some amphoras found in the ancient shipwrecks around the island
  • Marmara Island Tour 2 – Trekking And Flora Of The Island; Marmara is a green and mountainous island which still has so many untouched natural reserves. The island is also the richest piece of land in Turkey for the floral diversity since it has two different climates on southern and northern coasts. In this tour we will have a comfortable walk along the south coast in a beautiful nature and learn the stories of amazing plants of the island. We may also have a break in a deserted beach if you like.
Marmara Island Tours
Olive orchards and bloosom at the beginning of June

marmara adası turu

One of the natural beaches out of reach

How To Go To Marmara Island

The easiest and quickest way to go to Marmara Island is to take a sea bus from Istanbul. You can check departures and prices here. The journey takes 3 hours from Bostanci pier, 2,5 hours from Yenikapi pier and 2 hours from Avcilar pier. Not all the sea buses stop in Avcilar and if it stops your journey will last 30 minutes longer. Sea buses run from April until the end of October. If you are willing for a visit out of these period there are more options from Tekirdag and Bandirma/Erdek cities but these way of transportation will be more complicated and longer (around 5-7 hours from Istanbul).

marmara adasına istanbul'dan ulaşım
Sea buses running between Istanbul – Marmara Island

Villages and distances from the center

  • Marmara (center)
  • Gündoğdu Village, 4 Km
  • Çınarlı Village, 7 Km
  • Topağaç Village, 12 Km
  • Asmalı Village, 18 Km
  • Saraylar, 25 Km
marmara island tour
Arum flowers

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