Is Turkey Safe for Dental Implants?

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Is Turkey a safe country for dental implants?

Getting dental work or more specifically, dental implants, veneer, crowns or hollywood smile in Turkey is generally safe same as in western countries. Although the satisfaction rate is high, between 95-99%, it is still important to choose the right dental clinic or dentist.

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Why is Turkey a safe choice for dental treatments?

Here are the reasons:

Türkiye'de köklü geçmişi olan diş hekimliği 45.000 uzman ve deneyimli diş hekimi ve dünya standartlarında modern klinikleri ve en son tedavileri ile son derece güvenilirdir.
The first dentistry faculty building in Turkey (1908).
  • 116 Years of Experience: The first dental faculty in Turkey opened in 1908, and today, there are 65 faculties providing education at western standards.
  • Experienced Specialists: Turkey has experienced and highly trained specialists in dentistry and surgery. These dentists are educated to international standards and have successfully treated many challenging cases.
  • Modern Technology: Clinics in Turkey use modern technology and high-quality materials. This allows patients to experience less pain, spend less time, and ensures that implants are more durable and long-lasting.
  • Regulated by the Ministry of Health: All dental clinics and offices in Turkey are opened and regulated with the permission of the Ministry of Health.
  • International Accreditation: Many Turkish dental clinics hold international health accreditations such as ISO and JCI, indicating they meet high service standards. You can ask about the accreditations the clinic holds before making a decision.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for dental treatment among international patients. Each year, around 200,000 patients, mostly from Western countries, choose Turkey for dental procedures. Many patients express their satisfaction with their treatments and return to their countries with healthy smiles.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Dental treatments, especially implants, are more economical in Turkey compared to Western countries. This means quality treatment at a cost-effective price.
Türkiye'de diş yaptırmanın, implant ve diğer dental tedavilerin güvenilirliği batı standartlarındadır, klinikler sağlık bakanlığı denetimindedir ve bir çoğu uluslararası akreditasyona sahiptir.
A view of one of the modern clinics in Turkey

Why dental treatment prices are so cheap in Turkey?

Several reasons make implant and dental treatment prices in Turkey affordable:

Diş implantı, kaplama ve diğer diş tedavileri niçin Türkiye'de bu kadar ucuzdur? Ucuz olduğu için kalite düşük müdür?

  1. Labor Costs: Labor costs in Turkey are lower compared to Western countries, reducing overall treatment costs.
  2. Cost of Living: The low cost of living in Turkey generally reflects in the cost of healthcare services.
  3. Competition: Intense competition among 55,000 dentists and thousands of dental clinics encourages clinics to keep prices low.
  4. Government Support: State policies and supports that encourage health tourism also help to keep prices down.
  5. Exchange Rate: Especially in recent years, the depreciation of the Turkish Lira against other currencies like the dollar, euro, and pound makes treatment cheaper for foreigners.

Why should you choose Turkey for your implant and dental treatment?

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations in the world for implant and other dental treatments. Beyond the previously mentioned reasons, here are several more key factors:Diş yaptırmak için Türkiye niçin bu kadar popüler? Ucuz olmasının dışında Türkiye'yi tercih etmenin sebepleri nedir?

  • Combine Treatment with Tourism: Many people choose Turkey to combine their treatment with a holiday. Istanbul and Antalya are particularly favored for this. Patients in Istanbul can enjoy the vibrant life of the city, the beauty of the Bosphorus, and visit world-famous historical attractions like Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Galata Tower, and the Istanbul Archaeology Museums. Istanbul is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations after Paris and London.
  • Short Treatment Times: There are no long waiting times for treatment in dental clinics in Turkey. If the patient’s condition is suitable, many treatments can be completed in a single visit, generally within a week. This is a significant advantage for those in need of urgent treatment.
  • Personalized Treatments: Patients can be offered treatment plans tailored to their individual needs. Flexible solutions according to time and budget will facilitate your treatment.
  • Translation Support in Various Languages: Many clinics in Turkey offer services in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Arabic, and Russian, facilitating communication and the treatment process.
  • Experienced Specialists: Dentists in Turkey have many years of experience. These specialists have seen numerous cases and are capable of managing even the most complex ones.
  • Easy and Affordable Transportation: Turkey’s strategic location offers easy and economical access to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, making travel easier for international patients.

These factors make Turkey a preferred destination for dental treatment, especially implant procedures. Many patients from around the world, including distant locations like the USA, Canada, and Australia, choose to travel to Turkey to take advantage of these benefits.

Advantages, Costs, Pros, and Cons of Getting Dental Work Done in Turkey:

The advantages of getting dental implants and dental treatment in Turkey, the price/cost, and the general pros and cons can be listed as follows:
Türkiye'de implant ve diş yaptırmanın avantajları, eksileri artıları ve maliyeti nedir?


  1. Quality Materials and Latest Treatment Methods: Clinics in Turkey often use materials of the same quality as those in Europe and America. The treatment methods are also at the same standards.
  2. Comprehensive Treatment Options: A wide range of treatments is offered, including cosmetic dentistry (Hollywood smile), dental surgery, implants, veneers, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and many more.
  3. Cultural and Touristic Opportunities: During your treatment, you’ll have the chance to experience Turkey’s rich history, hospitality, natural beauty, beautiful beaches, and unique culture.
  4. Fast Appointment and Treatment Process: Foreign patients usually get quick appointments, and treatments are completed swiftly, typically within 3-7 days. Some treatments may require only one visit, while others might need two trips.

Cost / Prices:

  • Low Prices: The cost of implants and dental procedures is 50-75% cheaper compared to Western countries.
  • Transparent Pricing: Most clinics have a clear and transparent pricing structure, so patients know what they will be paying upfront. You can largely ascertain your treatment costs during an online consultation.


  1. Expert Dentists: Experienced dentists who are specialists in their fields, with some having trained abroad.
  2. Modern Dental Clinics: Equipped with the latest technology and modern treatment methods.
  3. Patient-Centered Service: High patient satisfaction rates and personalized service. The generally empathetic, warm, and friendly nature of Turkish people contributes to this.


  1. Distance and Travel Requirements: For some patients, especially those living in distant countries, traveling to Turkey can be cumbersome and time-consuming.
  2. Language Barrier: Although many dentists speak adequate English, multi-language services might not be available in all clinics, which could pose communication challenges. You may request a translator in your native language if needed.
  3. Quality Variations: While generally high-standard, not every clinic in Turkey may offer the same level of quality, so choosing the right clinic is crucial.

When considering implant and dental treatment options in Turkey, it’s important to take these pros and cons into account and make an informed decision after thorough research. Additionally, before deciding on treatment, gathering information about the clinic’s credentials, patient reviews, and post-treatment support will be beneficial.

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