Istanbul Walking Tour

Istanbul Walking Tour

Istanbul Walking Tour; Istanbul is one of the few cities in the world being so large and at the same time so reach in terms of  history, culture, social life and gastronomy. However, the average overnight of visitors to Istanbul are 3 or 4 nights and of course this is never enough. For this reason we prepared two days intensive program for you that will make use of your time.

PS; this web page has been prepared with the aim of bringing together individual visitors with tour guides, travel agency services are not provided. The following tours are just to give an idea.

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DAY 1 – Istanbul Walking Tour; THE ESSENTIAL SIGHTS

Description of the tour

This is the most essential itinary, comprising the most essential historical sights of Istanbul. During this tour you will have opportunity to visit the most emblematic monuments from three magnificent empires “Byzantium, Roman and Ottoman” and find out the complicated history in an easy and enjoyable way. The tour also includes a fast ticket purchase and enriched with stunning samples of Ottoman arts and some special gastronomic tastes of local tastes.

topkapi palace walking tour

What you will see

  • Topkapı Palace (closed on Tuesdays)
  • The Fountain Of Sultan Ahmet III
  • Haghia Sophia (closed on mondays during winter)
  • Blue Mosque
  • Basilic Cistern
  • Grand Bazaar (closed on sundays)
  • Roman Hippodrome
  • German Fountain
  • Roman Million Stone
  • The Constantine Column
  • The First Ottoman Baroque Mosque
  • Sultan tombs & headstones
  • Ottoman Hammams

istanbul art workshop tour

What you will do

Before Lunch; meeting with the guide at your hotel and our first stop will be Topkapi Palace. We will spend around 1 hour 45 minutes in the palace and then enter to Haghia Sophia by skipping the ordinary lines to buy our tickets faster. Our visit will include the two floors of this 1480 years old mystical structure. Following a tea break our next stop will be the Blue Mosque, to see the stunning Ottoman tiles of this magnificent mosque. After a short walk we will arrive to Hippodrome area which was first built by East Roman Empire and used by Byzantium as well. After seeing and learning about the Egyptian Obelisk, Serpentine Column, German Fountain and Ibrahim Pasa Palace, the first part of the tour is over and its time for the lunch; you may prefer to be free during the luch hour or try a restaurant recommended by your guide for a gastronomic experiance.

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After Lunch; following storing energy we are ready for the second part of the “Istanbul Walking Tour”. Our next stops are Roman Million Stone and the impressive Basilic Cistern and later on it the time for shopping; we will walk to Grand Bazaar by seeing Sultan Tombs, interesting headstones and their stories, the column of Constantine (where it is believed that holy grail, holy nails, Menora of Salamon and The Axe of Noah is kept inside) and the first sample of Ottoman baroque mosque, on the way. In Grand Bazaar you will experiance the athmophere of hundreds years old Ottoman tradition of trading. Here you will be free to stroll around and make some shopping. Our tour will finish in Grand Bazaar. The guide will help you on how to get back to your hotel.

grand bazaar walking tour

What you need to know

  • This excursion is not recommended for guests with mobility problems.
  • This excursion involves with pretty walking with little slopes and ladders.
  • We recommend wearing appropriate footwear and comfortable clothing.
  • Since Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays, we may alter it with Egyptian Bazaar.

Tour Lenght

  • 7-8 hours approximately

Language of the tour

  • English

Meeting point & meeting hour

  • Meeting at Sultanahmet Square or at your hotel lobby.
  • Decide your departure hour with the guide. Our suggestion is not earlier than 09:00 and not later than 10:30.

What is included in the price

  • Licenced guide and professional guiding

What is not included in the price

Nothing apart from guiding

Entrance tickets; 

  • Topkapi Museum; 285 TL (incl. Harem Section)
  • Haghia Sofia; free of charge
  • Basilic Cistern; 30 TL.

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