Holiday in Maldives during Covid-19 pandemic

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Holiday in Maldives during Covid-19 pandemic

Holiday in Maldives during Covid-19 pandemic – (Best water villas and prices | Best budget hotels and prices) If you’re planning to travel to the Maldives during the Covid-19 outbreak, here’s what you need to know. Maldives reopened its borders to visitors from all countries on 15 July 2020. But the exception to this opening is the capital, Malé, which is forbidden to visitors as it is the source of the majority of the coronavirus in the country.

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Who can enter the country?

Holiday in Maldives during Covid-19 pandemic

From 13 May, travelers from South Asia are temporarily banned from entering the Maldives. This rule applies to all visa holders from India, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, as well as those transiting through these countries in the last two weeks.

However, the Maldives government has announced that it will reopen its borders to visitors from South Asia from 15 July.

Currently, Maldives is open to visitors from all countries as long as they have a negative Covid test report.

Passengers arriving from the UK are currently (17.07) subject to a 10-day quarantine.

Is Maldives a good choice for holiday during corona virus pandemic?

Maldives was one of the rare places where tourism flourished in the world where tourism stopped in 2020, and despite some obstacles, this trend seems to continue into 2021.

By the end of February, more than 140 resorts and more than 330 hotels were open and serving international visitors.

The Maldives Ministry of Tourism has launched a loyalty program that rewards regular visitors with points based on the frequency and duration of their trips. If you collect enough points, you will have many benefits, including hotel discounts.

What are the restrictions? Sertificate of vaccine, PCR test

Holiday in Maldives during Covid-19 pandemic

All visitors other than Maldivian nationals and those who have been fully vaccinated must show their vaccinations within 96 hours before leaving their country; You must present your certificate of negative PCR test clearly showing the name and address of the laboratory and the date of the sample taken.

The result must be attached to the “Traveler Health Statement” form, which must be submitted online within 24 hours of arrival. All visitors are requested to download the national contact tracing application “TraceEkee” and use it during their journey.

Tourists are allowed to split stays between hotels. However, if you spend more than 48 hours in the Male area, you should do a new PCR test before going elsewhere.

What you shoud expect of Maldives?

The Maldives are promoting and selling themselves as a destination offering a “normal” vacation. Thanks to many resorts and islands isolated from the cities generally visitors are satisfied of their choice.

This means that while locals are subject to restrictions, those going to and from the airport are exempt.  If the hotels meet government requirements, split stays between different hotels are allowed. Requests for split stays must be made to the Ministry of Tourism at least 48 hours before travel.

Holiday in Maldives during Covid-19 pandemic

Expect also for your resort to have some rules — especially a temperature check on arrival, and masks to be worn indoors. As most items in shops must be shipped to the Maldives, some things can get pricey — you should bring things like masks and hand sanitizer with you to avoid spending while on the islands.

From 20 April, they are not required to present a negative PCR test on arrival or comply with any quarantine restrictions, provided they present evidence that their second dose of the World Health Organization-recognised vaccine has been administered at least two weeks prior to travel.

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