Private Tours in Rome

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Private Tours in Rome

Private Tours in Rome; if you would like to enjoy Rome and the popular sites like Vatican Museums, Panteon, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum and even Pompeii near Naples, you can join in a private tour along with an English speaking authorized tour guide. Thanks to your official tour guide you can skip the ticket lines, as well. The guiding fee for a private tour in Rome varies from 50 to 80 € per hour. You can fill the contact form below to ask for availability and exact prices, our tour guide will reply you within 24 hours.

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List of private tours in Rome

  1. Guided visit to Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel (3 hours)
  2. Guided visit for Vatican Musuems, Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, Roman Forum (6 hours)
  3. Guided Rome city tour + visiting Vatican (7 hours)
  4. From Civitavecchia for cruise passangers; Rome city tour and visiting Vatican and Sistine Chapel (9 hours)
  5. Daily, guided visit to Naples and Pompeii (12 hours)
  6. Daily visit to Toscana and Florance (12 hours)

Roma'da türk rehberle özel tur

Recommended private tours in Rome

The following tours are given as an example. You can also consider the tour suggestions of your guide.

1- VATICAN MUSEUMS, COLOSSEUM, ROMAN FORUM (Private Tours in Rome / 7 hours)

This is the most preffered one in the list of “Private tours in Rome”. The reason is it covers two most essential places far from each other. In this tour, you will be able to enter both the Vatican and the Colosseum without waiting in line for tickets. Vatican Museums houses thousands of paintings and sculptures but you will see only the most important artifacts, to not to loose your time. The tour will also include the followings; paintings and frescoes of renaissance masters such as Michelangelo, Rafael and Caravaggiao, the Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter’s Square where the Pope made his speech, and inside of the St. Peter’s Basilica. In the second part of the tour, you will visit the Colosseum amphitheater, the Triumphal Arch of Constantine and the Roman Forum area. Since the Colosseum is located in a different part of the city, you may use taxi or metro. (This tour can be customized).

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2- CLASSIC CITY TOUR and VATICAN MUSEUMS (Private Tours in Rome / 7 hours)

This tour consists of a panoramic city tour, walking tour and museum visits. During the tour, you can see the most important places to see in Rome, and visit the Sistine Chapel as well as the Vatican Museums. As you will enter with your licensed and private guide, you will not wait in the long ticket queue. Some of the other places you will see during this tour are; St. Peter’s Basilica, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Colosseum, Triumphal Arch of Constantine, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, Victor Emmanuel Monument, Via del Corso, Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Palatine Hill, Sant’Angelo Castle, Baths of Caracalla and more places. This tour can be done by a private vehicle and driver or by taxi. Some of the places will be seen panoramically and some will be seen on foot. (This tour can be customized).

Roma'da özel araç ve şoförle şehir turu

3- COLOSSEUM, ROMAN FORUM and SAN PIETRO IN VINCOLI (Private Tours in Rome / 4 hours)

This tour is a completion tour by visiting some missing places that you couldn’t visit in the first tour. First, you will enter the Colosseum without waiting in line for tickets, then visit the Roman Forum area. The last stop is the Basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli, one of the most important churches in Rome. Here you can see Michelangelo’s stunning and famous sculpture of Moses. You can also see the chains used during St. Peter’s captivity. This tour will be done on foot. (This tour can be customized).

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On this tour, you will be able to enter the Vatican Museums quickly, without waiting in line for tickets, thanks to your private guide. As your guide will explain you only the most important artworks among of thousands, you will not get tired and you will use your time efficiently. You will also see important sections such as Sistine Chapel, the fresco of Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, the Gallery of Maps, the Raphael Rooms, the Egyptian Museum, the crowns of the Popes, and the Sculpture Room. In the second part of the tour, you will visit St. Peter’s Square where the Popes preach and the interior of St. Peter’s Basilica. (This tour can be customized).

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5- POMPEII & NAPELS (or Amalfi / Positano) TOUR (Private Tours in Rome / 12 hours)

Would you like to get out of Rome? You can take a day trip to the city of Naples and the nearby ancient city of Pompeii which is 2.5 hours (289 km) from Rome. Pompeii is the best preserved ancient Roman city in the world. On this tour, you will take a realistic journey back to 2000 years while walking through the streets of this prosperious Roman city. In the rest of the tour, you can visit the city of Naples, Vesuvius or the Amalfi coast, where the most beautiful summer resorts such as Positano are located. This tour will be accompanied by a private guide, private vehicle and driver. (This tour can be customized).

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Private Tours in Rome; tour prices

All licensed tour guides in Rome can organize their own private tours. In Rome and the Lazzio region, the previously existing application of minimum guiding fee has been removed. Each tour guide has its own guiding fee determined by himself/herself. This rate differs for 2 hours, 4 hours (half day), or 7.8 hours (full day). Generally, an additional fee may also be added for Sundays. Half-day guiding fees in Rome range from €100 to €200, while full-day guiding fees range from €180 to €380. However some tour guides determine the guiding fee as per hour. Prices may vary depending on the number of people.

Private Tours in Rome; vehicle and driver fees

You can take a city tour with a private vehicle or with a driver-guide in Rome. In this case, you should add the vehicle and driver cost to the guide fee. Vehicle and driver prices vary depending on the make, model and duration of the vehicle you will use. If you need a private vehicle and driver please ask the price by contact form below.

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