City Tour in Bodrum

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Private City Tour in Bodrum with a professional tour guide; people generally visit Bodrum for sea, sun and nightlife but there are more things to see and to do in Bodrum. We recommend you to give a break and enjoy Bodrum with an extraordinary tour program (the details are below). As a professional guide I can offer you various tour programs in Bodrum according to your interests.

Recommended City Tour Program in Bodrum

Bodrum City Tour “History, Gastronomi And Music”

We will meet in Bodrum center and start our tour with a private vehicle. Our first stop will be in Mouseleum to see the remainings one of the seven wonders of the world. Our next stop will be the 2400 years old Myndos Gate, one of the gates of ancient city of Halicarnassus.

bodrum turu ve mausoleum

Then we will drive to the up hills of Bodrum to visit the Ancient Theatre of Halicarnassus which has a capacity of 10.000 people.

bodrumda rehberli turlar, antik tiyatro ziyareti

Later we will drive down to the south of the town and visit the fascinating castle which was built by the Knights of Saint John.

bodrum kalesi ve lisanslı rehber ile bodrum turları

After visiting the castle we will visit the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology which was awarded as one of the best museums of Europe. Here you will be amazed with the priceless findings from the ancient Carian state.

bodrum kalesi ve sualtı müzesi turu

On the second part of the tour we will visit the most unusual museum of Bodrum; the Museum of Zeki Muren. Zeki Müren is the most beloved singer of Turkey in the field of Turkish Traditional Music. Zeki Müren was one of the most flamboyent gay singers of Turkey from 70’s to 1996. We will visit his house to see his car, dressings, paintings and other belongings as well.

bodrum zeki müren müzesi

Our tour will finilaze with another extraordinary experience. We will visit one of the typical Bodrum houses, to learn how to roll and cook the most beloved dish of Turkey “sarma” in the most delicious and traditional way. After a short lecture regarding the Turkish cuisine, if you like you may roll  the“sarma” as well.

bodrum gastronomi turu

Later you will see and learn how to cook the best foamed Turkish coffee and Turkish tea at home. Finally, we will taste the delicious home made “sarma” all together and taste the Turkish coffee while listening the songs of Zeki Müren, in the terrace with a beautiful view of Bodrum…

bodrum'da rehberli turlar

At the end of the tour the driver will leave you in the center of the town.

  • Language of the tour; English
  • Duration of the tour; 5 hours
  • Meeting place and meeting time; 10:30 in front of the municipality building (Bodrum Belediye Binası) in the central town of Bodrum
  • Level of difficulty; easy tour with a little walking. You may need to climb steps in Bodrum Castle or you may prefer to stay at the entrance level.
  • Number of participants; maximum 12 person.
  • Prices; guiding fee is 40 € per person

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