How do I sell my private tours online / Google?

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How do I sell my private tours online / Google?

If you are a professional tour guide, you can sell your own tours here for free of charge and without paying any commission. By subscribing to our platform, you can sell your private tour programs directly to travellers, in the language of your choice, without paying to intermediaries. In many countries the guides has the right to organize, promote and sell their own tours. Howover, unfortunately, the tour guides are often dependened on travel agencies, as they cannot find channels to promote their own tours. In the meantime, in many countries there is an inflation of tour guides and it is not possible for all guides to benefit from travel agencies equally. At this point, the websites and online platforms are an alternative to bring the travellers with the tour guides. “” is the newest platform in the internet and the it’s the most guide-friendly option since it’s totally free. At the same time, “” can broadcast in 30 different languages. This means that you can promote your private tours in Google, in a spesific language; for instance, if you are guiding in Polish, your profile will be visible in Polish pages. Thus, it will be much easier for you to reach your potential clients.

List of languages ​​in which you can publish your tours;

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