Entrance Tickets in London

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Entrance Tickets in London

Entrance Tickets in London; (click to see ticket prices) below we list the 6 most important touristic attractions to visit during your trip to London. Since there is a high demand to these touristic sites, you may encounter long ticket queues at the ticket offices. If you want to enter fastly without waiting on the ticket lines, you can reserve or buy your ticket in advance by clicking on the links below. Ticket sales are made through the world’s most secure ticket sales portal “getyourguide“.

harry potter warner studio giriş bileti ücreti

  1. Entry tickets in London for; Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios
  2. Entry tickets in London for; London Eye 
  3. Entry tickets in London for; Tower of London
  4. Entry tickets in London for; Madam Tussauds Museum
  5. Entry tickets in London for; Thames River Boat Tour
  6. Entry tickets in London for; The Shard Observatory

londra madam tussaud müzesi giriş bileti fiyatları

Other skip-the-line tickets and tours in London

  • St Paul’s Cathedral tickets
  • Full day tour; Windsor, Oxford, Stonehenge
  • Entrance tickets for Windsor Castle
  • Buckhingam Palace tickets
  • Entry ticket for Kew Garden

londra tekne turu bilet ücreti

Prices for entry tickets in London

Below are the admission prices to museums and attractions in London, as well as guided tour prices in British pounds. These prices are for 2022 and there may be minor updates along the year.

  1. Tour prices for Harry Potter Studios, £94
  2. London Eye, entrance tickets price, £32,5
  3. Tower of London, prices for entry ticket, £29.90
  4. Madam Tussauds Museum, entrance fee, £33.50
  5. Thames River boat tour, ticket prices; £14
  6. The Shard observatory admission fee, £28

the shard ve london eye dönmedolap bilet ücreti

Why should I buy my entrance ticket in advance?

In order not to wait in long ticket queues and return tired from your holiday, it will be beneficial to arrange your entrance tickets in advance. There may be long lines at the ticket office of museums, especially during high seasons, on public holidays and on weekends. It is not always possible to predict this problem. Some museums have set a quota on the number of daily visitors allowed and tickets may run out. For this reason, it would be wise to pre-purchase your “online tickets”, known as “skip the line” or “fast entrance”, which allow you to enter quickly without waiting at the ticket office. The prices of the speed entrance tickets may vary from museum to museum. While the prices are sometimes the same as the box office price, sometimes a service fee may be added.

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